The Profile

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I am the Guitarist and Bassist from Ricksandco.

If you want to learn the guitar and Bass,  you can call me anytime.

I Have Experience  15 years for teaching this instrument.

Beside I still teach Guitar and Bass at The famous music school

such as:  Purwacaraka, Modern Kawai,  etc

I can come to your home too, especially for  around 
Kelapa gading area, north Jakarta and to Harapan 
Indah, Bekasi

WHATSAPP : 0856 938162 39


The Guitar lesson

we teach all the guitar lesson for you

1. Clasical Guitar

a. Elementry I     : The name of fingering, scale 1th position, melody, rythm, guitar tuning
b. Elementry II    : Combination of melody & rythm, arpeggio, double not, harmonic, slur
c. Intermediate I  : Scale in position  1 until 9, triplet, D tone, glissando
d. Intermediate II: Advanvce  chord, campanelas, improvisation,  ar 8
e. Advance          : Dinamic, feeling, harmony, sound of the guitar variation

 2.  Pop  Guitar ( acouistic or electric )

a. Elementry         : Scale  I,  melody, Rythm, tunning for the guiitar
b. Intermediate I   : Scale  Ionian until aeolian, hammer on,  pul off,  tapping
c. Intermediate II : Improvisation, Contouring, arpeggio, dll
d. Advance          : The guitarists style

 3. Bass

a. Elementry        :  Mayor & triad  bass, fingerstyle,  rythm
b. Intermediate I  :  Dominant 7: mayor & minor, hamer on pull of,  mute,
c. Intermediate  I  : Major & minor pentatonic, Walking bass, arpeggio, slap, improvisation
d. Advance           : Solo Bass, focus area: rock, blues, jazz, funk